Marriage Jokes

Top 10 funny things about marriage:

  1. Weddings are no longer about love and the combining of two souls because now it's all about the FREE BOOZE: Love is in the Air, Get a Gas Mask
  2. Since homosexual people can do it, we can expect people to marry their pets anytime now: Straight Shooting on Gays
  3. If your marriage ends badly, you can lose more money than you would at a casino: I Should Have Been a Marriage Counselor
  4. Bad ones cause teachers to do terrible, terrible things: Teacher Accused of Sex with One Very Lucky Middle School Student
  5. If you didn't get the chance to explore what's out there in the dating world before you get married, then you're officially screwed: Ask Nicole: Courting Disaster
  6. Decades ago, young adults were all about it, but now it's just a nightmare we hope doesn't happen until we're 30: Four Down, Ten To Go
  7. Since everyone has rights, people can get married to weird things, like blow-up dolls: My Blow-Up Doll Girlfriend is Not Marriage Material
  8. They won't improve a guy's social status unless they find a stripper who's actually a virgin: Status Symbols: A Crash Course
  9. The proposals are said to be an exciting thing to do, but only when she says “yes”: Wedding Season
  10. College students don't think about it until they realize that it's time to be mature and offer their loved one more than just sex: Yeah, We Met Online