Kissing Jokes

Top 10 funny things about kissing:

  1. Watching a girl kiss a girl is more exciting than making out with someone yourself: Girls Kissing Girls, For God and Country
  2. Life can be a real adventure because everyone kisses differently: The Art of Seduction
  3. It doesn't take a lot to get someone to kiss you anymore: A Guide to Getting Girls to Kiss…Each Other!
  4. Along with kissing people on the mouth, some have actually done a lot of ass-kissing too: Ask Nicole: ROFLMAO!!
  5. It's hard to understand how married couples do it, because making out with the same person can get extremely boring after awhile: Your Kiss is a Miss
  6. It's short form created one of the greatest rock bands: 9 Action Heroes Past Their Primes
  7. If you have a large family that lives in the same town as you do, it's hard to know whether or not you've made out with your cousin before: The Snippets' Kissing Cousin
  8. In college, it's a sexual act that's forgotten because people like to just cut to the chase: Kiss and Tell
  9. The kissing scenes in movies are extremely cheesy because they're nothing like the real juicy slobfests people engage in: Romantic Comedy vs. Reality
  10. It makes some people so horny that they decide to write and sing a Christmas song: Christmas Songs are Bullshit, Part 3

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