Jobs Jokes

Top 10 funny things about jobs:

  1. The ones you have in the summer are never any fun: Summer Job Hunt 2004
  2. You spend more time looking for one than actually having one: Job Hunt 2003
  3. We never seem to land the dream job we want (secret agent, assassin, sex machine): Goon for Hire
  4. You know yours sucks when you have “Employee Of The Month” awards: Ten Signs Your Job Sucks
  5. Jobs, like your parents, force you to feel and act like a grown-up: The Real World DOES Suck
  6. You can get fired in an instant for no apparent reason: The Shortest Job I Ever Had
  7. You know you don't have your dream job when you can't do it drunk: My Organs and I Go to Work
  8. Internships sound professional, but they're more like slavery that's 100% legal: Internships: Get Paid to Do Nothing
  9. Like the Ice Cream Man, you can sometimes have the opportunity to torment the crap out of people: Where's the Ice Cream Man?
  10. Everyone else always seems to have a better job than yours: Post-College Life
    and Workisms

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