Hippies Jokes

Top 10 funny things about hippies:

  1. Even though meat would taste amazing when you're high, some of them prefer to be vegetarians: The Time-Honored College Apartment
  2. They're often referred as political activists, but that's only when they're not stoned out of their mind: Narcotics Anonymous
  3. Like the sixth sense, we all have “hippie instincts”: Viva Las Vegas
  4. There's always a few of them scattered around campus: Types of College Students
  5. The only reason they want to save the earth is so they can grow more drugs: Christmas Tool Time
  6. They like to pop out of nowhere and lick LSD off someone's shirt: Dear Anonymous
  7. About 50% of them are teachers: The Art and Science of Bullshit
  8. They enjoy hanging out convenience stores on a daily basis: Grateful for a Dead Fable
  9. Even though they have the choice to shower, you never see one that's clean: Jesus and the Dragon Bong
  10. There's probably not one out there that has never EVER smoked pot before: This is to All the Hippies Out There