Halloween Jokes

Top 10 funny things about Halloween:

  1. Since college students are too busy getting smashed, trick or treating takes place at the grocery store, where you can get large boxes of candy for 99 cents: Halloween Costume Styles Unmasked
  2. Girls prove that dressing up as Little Bo Peep or Snow White isn't childish: College Halloween Costumes
  3. Bars and clubs still play the same old music people don't like instead of playing the Halloween anthem “Monster Mash”: Halloween, 1942
  4. Some costumes are rad while others are just plain creepy and weird: Halloween
  5. The best fights always take place on October 31st, like Hulk Hogan vs. Superman, and Pippy Longstocking vs. The Little Mermaid: Halloween Disaster
  6. A girl's costume can tell you a lot more about her than just her personality: Slutty Halloween Costume Theories
  7. People wear shiny, reflective clothing and accessories so they can get noticed, and so they can hail down a taxi at five in the morning when they're too drunk to see: Halloween Safety and Fun Guide
  8. For some students, Halloween doesn't seem like such a big event since everyone has theme parties these days: Top 10 College Party Themes
  9. Since pumpkin carving isn't impressive anymore, people resort to other creative ideas, such as a pumpkin keg: The Top 10 Halloween Myths
  10. It's mostly now meant to hook-up with someone, take 'em back to your place, and play an all-nighter game of Candy Land: Halloween
  11. You don't get headaches from sugar binges anymore, you 'em from drinking binges: Halloween Headaches 1.0
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