Guns Jokes

Top 10 funny things about guns:

  1. Announcing you have one while at an airport can cause instant chaos: How to Deal with College Finals
  2. People have resorted to them so they can be cool for once: Halloween Disaster
  3. When combined with electricity, they can be a criminal's worst nightmare: 911: Some Crew-Cutted, Beefed-Up, Ex-Marine Just Fired a Tazer Gun at Me
  4. There are actually people out there who get a rush from firing a machine gun: Viva Las Vegas
  5. People will shoot at the most random things with a BB gun: The Off-Campus College House: Episode 2
  6. It's part of the name of a once legendary band that just sucks ass now: Rock ‘n Roll Won't Ever Die
  7. Their name alone has made even staples sound badass: Soaking Up the Fumes
  8. If you thought humans were bad, then think again, because they're extremely dangerous when in the hands of a monkey: My Personal Helper Monkey
  9. Kids these days don't use the water version anymore: Keep Your Chin Up
  10. Chuck Norris' blood type is AK-47: Anti-Chuck Norris Facts

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