George W. Bush Jokes

Top 10 funny things about George W. Bush:

  1. He tends to say A LOT of stupid things when he's on TV in front of millions: Politics in Moderation 101
  2. He picks more fights than a elementary school bully jacked on steroids: Celebratin' Lots Mo' Drama in My Life
  3. Everybody (especially Kanye West) hates his guts because of his personality: 2005 Dumbshit of the Year
  4. A lot of sober people think he's actually God: Types of College Students
  5. The only thing he seems to do as president is pretend to be a cowboy: Down with Country Music
  6. Someone actually painted a model of his dick: D.C. Museum Shaves Bush from Nude Collection
  7. He's probably the real reason why The Terminator got elected as governor: Why America is Better Than England
  8. Some of the smartest politicians in the world have lost against him in elections: Global Warming Does Not Exist
  9. There's nothing dumber to see than watching him talk: Girl Talk
  10. There's not a better combo out there than George W. BUSH and DICK Cheney: Love and Haiti
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