Food Jokes

Top 10 funny things about food:

  1. People eat the weirdest and craziest shit in Japan: Weirdest Food in Japan
  2. College students will steal each other's food because they can't afford to buy any: Common College Complaints
  3. Food budgets are typically based on how much we spend on alcohol: Stretching the Food Budget
  4. We've all traded our lunches in elementary school: Study: Obese Kids Likely to be Big Eaters
  5. It brings people together, no matter what their differences are: Open Wide For World Peace
  6. Even though cooking skills don't turn anyone on, almost every chef is a complete show-off: Cooking Up a Storm
  7. It may sound crazy, but girls are exactly like food: Girls are Like Food, Part 1: Appetizers
  8. In the food industry, “fast” means “dirt cheap food made of things that aren't exactly what they're supposed to be”: Fast Food Value Meals
  9. It just makes sports games and movies a hell of a lot better: Every College Bowl Game Known to Man
  10. People have actually written up such things as food reports: Mediocre Moments in Food Safety
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