Dorms Jokes

Top 10 funny things about dorms:

  1. You can find about ten different things to stir your mixed drink with: Top 10 Dorm Room Mixed Drink Stirrers
  2. When you take a tour before school starts, you don't see the puke-stained carpets or rooms crammed with multiple beds: How to Spot a Shitty College
  3. Even though you sleep like two feet away from your roommate and his obnoxious girlfriend, they don't give you your own pair of earplugs: 6 Things You Need in Your Dorm Room
  4. Every single person, including the janitor/cleaning lady, knows who you hooked up with the night before: Delinquent Interns, Drunken Reminder Tags and Hooking Up
  5. There's always a royal douchebag on every floor who isn't even liked by his grandmother: Douchebags of the Dorm
  6. Shower sex can be fun while wearing cheap sandals, but it's dirtier than a bathtub littered with pubic hair: Dorm Showers, Robotic Professors, and Drunken Caretaking
  7. The desks aren't used for studying, instead they're for setting up your computer, stereo speakers and ideas your drunk late-night hookup comes up with: Puke Protectors, Dorm Rooms and Finals
  8. Since their laundry machines are so expensive, you find out that you can actually wash your clothes in the bathtub: You Know You're in College When…
  9. Because of parties and funneling adventures by yourself, you become a pro at scrubbing floors, counters, the side of the toilet…: How to Deal with College Finals and Papers
  10. Random dorm room sex is a myth….until you actually turn it into reality which is one of the greatest things you can accomplish: Things I REALLY Learned in College
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