Commercials Jokes

Top 10 funny things about commercials:

  1. They can be dumber than that kid who was still eating paste in your grade four class in elementary school: Misleading TV Commercials
  2. Like fine wine, the older they are, the better: I am Worse Santa
  3. They make celebrities act like monkeys desperate for bananas: Dunkin' DOH! Nuts
  4. The funniest Super Bowl commercials are always about something stupid, like robots and suicide: Super Bowl Ads: The Cream and the Crap
  5. We all know someone who would be the perfect person to hire for a product commercial: Television Obsession
  6. They create the perfect time to say something awkward: Post-College Life and Workisms
  7. Drug commercials don't help you with your problems, they just influence you to do more drugs:Ask Nicole: Mutual Satisfaction
  8. Even if they knew about it a few hours ago, people always freak out in surprise when their friends are in one: My Friend Eliot Riebman in an iPhone Commercial
  9. Its hard to understand why there are ones for computer games like World of Warcraft because fans are probably not sitting in front of the television: World of Warcraft: Digital Heroin
  10. China hates the ones that ridicule them and their weirdness: China Bans Nike TV Commercial, Opens New Nike Sweatshop

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