Beds Jokes

Top 10 funny things about beds:

  1. The amount of fun you have on Spring Break can be measured by the amount of bodily fluids left on yours: The Bed, Beach and Beyond
  2. Falling out of one is never fun, especially if you've been having really happy dreams: Sleep Away Messages: Funny Away Messages
  3. They're always extremely comfy when you're not sober: Fighting the Beast
  4. When people describe their mornings, they always say they hop out of their bed, but we all know it's more like groan, crawl and then slowly get up: Choose Your Own Adventure: College
  5. Studying or reading while in one is never a good idea because a nap is always right around the corner: Puke-Protectors, Dorm Rooms and Finals
  6. People still fart in them even though the pillows and sheets will smell all night long: So You Farted in His Bed
  7. They're the perfect wrestling ring for horny couples: The Tale of the Vile Irishman
  8. You can bunk them together in a dorm room so you have more space for random items like a kiddie pool: Making Moves with Freshmen
  9. You haven't enjoyed college enough if you haven't woken up in the bed of someone you don't know: The Walk of Shame
  10. They get peed on by you as a kid and they get peed on by others when you're in college: Sorry Asshole, Will You Forgive Me?

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