Bathrooms Jokes

  1. There are numerous ways to tell people that you're going to use one: Bathroom Away Messages
  2. You always find yourself using something like the top of the toilet for shelving when you don't have shelves: Your Bathroom: An Intimate Portrait
  3. It's hard to believe, but bar bathrooms are now sketchier than high school ones: College-Bound: Great Sexpectations
  4. Using the ones at school is like jumping off a cliff, people will only do it if someone else does before them: Safe Shitting Guide for School Toilets
  5. Your friends' bathrooms never have toilet paper: You Know You're in College When…
  6. Off-campus houses never have one that's sparkly and completely remodeled: The Off-Campus College House: Episode 1
  7. Because of alcohol, you've shared a lot of stories and secrets with your toilet: Roofies Slippers: No Place Like Home
  8. Girls gossip in them more than anything else, including cleaning themselves: My Worst Date Ever
  9. The disgusting smells in them only disappear when people are coming over: My Organs and I Wake Up
  10. They're always painted with an odd color, like shit brown or piss yellow: Painting the Bathroom Brown