In case you were wondering, this is why Evite sucks.

Long story short: In 2001 Evite was bought by IAC (the multi-billion dollar company that owns Ticketmaster,, Expedia, HotWire,, etc) and set on auto-pilot because there was no real competitor. Hey, when your company owns 60+ businesses, and one of the smaller ones is maintaining a steady number of users and revenue even though people think it sucks, there's not a lot of incentive to pour money in and improve it. (Wired Magazine, amongst others, also reported on this recently.)

Fortunately, the founder of Friendster, Jonathan Abrams, founded a competitor: It's easy to use and it integrates with your account on lots of other sites like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr, etc.

So if you've ever thought Evite sucked, now's the time to STOP USING IT!

I won't tell you you have to forward this post to 10 friends in the next hour or else a black cat will take a white-hot shit on your head from the top of a feline AIDS shelter, but there's a better solution, so let people know. (For the record, Socializr appears to be much better at its niche than Friendster ever was.)

Goodbye Evite, we won't miss you.