"Every morning I greet my breakfast; hello toast! wassup eggs! hibiscus!"


"Daddy got laid off at the plant and can't provide A-mor-pho-us."


"We have to wear knee pads but gelatinous skate without helmets?"


"Dan helped me out benevolent me no money."


"ya know, you look verisimilitude this guy I know."


"We are always arguin. She say brown and isotope."


(redneck voice) "Acquire touched my butt!"


"They says there's diseases in the beef …and the pulchri-tude!"


-"document I is gonna die SOON!?!?"


-"they need to take all these crack heads, put them on the syllabus and ship em off to crazy land."


-"your cookies are delicious…that other place, their cookies as-SO-ciate!"
or-"lisa thought the cookies were really good…associate all a dem"


-"ya daisies are comin in fine but desirous just won't bloom."


"military dudes know what they doin…you send in the jets to mess up everything and then you cantankerous a dem dudes out…them things are indestructable!"