How many times have I heard that a girl is "sick" and not working for the moment only to discover upon just a little interrogation that she is in fact not sick at all…but hurting from a rough customer? And the answer to that is…too many times!

Girl with her hands over her crotch - doesn't want sex!A girl and her plumbing are equally delicate entities. Just the wrong comment, or a power-hungry guy who wants to make his mark, can put a girl out of commission mentally, in the case of the former, or physically, in the case of the latter.

I remember a couple of years ago visiting CRUMMYROOM IN RIO and seeing a girl so distraught over a fight with her boyfriend she simply could not work. After several attempts by the madam to pull her out of the funk and dry her tears, the boss just had to give up and tell the guy who wanted her for an hour that it wasn't gonna happen and he'd have to choose among the other girls.

While this is a problem for girls and their customers alike, the issue of damaged plumbing is much more prevalent. There are essentially two types of endowed guys. One understands his blessing and rather than lord it over a woman, he'll ease in gently knowing that hurting the girl with his whopper isn't really what she wants. Even a size queen needs a little foreplay to lubricate the wheels of progress. But the second type of guy lives to destroy women. And as I've said, I hear stories of damaged dental bridges or orifices torn asunder at the hands (or another body part) of the lord and master who thinks it's his province to decommission every woman he encounters with his mighty sword. 

This is a rough row to hoe for any girl. Conservation is the order of the day—especially when you're accommodating 10 guys in a 16 hour period. Accordingly, guys should understand that a little tender loving care will elicit a much more favorable response than an insensitive bludgeoning. Why some guys don't get this is anyone's guess. I won't bother psychoanalyzing the situation. I'm just here to advise that a little restraint will go a lot farther than a fierce pneumatic hammering in most, if not all cases…be it with an amateur or pro. 

I understand that guys feel they pay their money and they want to have it their way but still, a little sensitivity to the situation might be in order. And that's MY advice for the day. Treat girls with a little respect and they'll reciprocate in kind. Treat them like a receptacle and you'll see them run to another room and hide the next time you come to visit. A word to the wise should be sufficient.

I know this sounds like it was written by a chick—so I must be a homo or something. But my agenda in writing this is to get the legends in their own mind to stop putting girls out of commission because every time somebody does, it either makes my job harder (because I have to make ad changes to accommodate the roster changes) or costs me money because the girl stops advertising until she recovers.