A long time ago, I predicted the fall of Friendster. When the site introduced horoscopes and accompanying daily psychic connection info next to each user's photo (and to assess the viability of potential matchups) as a major feature, I was positive that rare Swedish monkeys had staged a successful coup of the site. After getting hit with a frozen banana while doing a global search a few months ago, this notion was confirmed.

The dawn of Thefacebook was promising, but chaotic. It was only a matter of time before burnout, limited and faddish features (poking? come on), and accessibility barriers (finding friends at other schools always proves a difficult task) would lead the site to peak and settle into a comfortable niche.

So I turned to MySpace and never looked back. It seems every feature they introduce is useful and right on time.

Well today it's time to assess the facts:

From today's MediaPost Daily:

“Seen as an early frontrunner in the field, Friendster received some $13 million in venture funding in October 2003 from Benchmark Capital and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. The site has since fallen out of fashion–attracting 975,000 unique visitors in March, according to comScore, while MySpace drew 11.3 million visitors and Thefacebook drew 4.1 million.”

Not bad.