The circular locker room is large in size. It is carpeted with the New York Giants football team logo embedded in the center floor. On one end of the room a large drawing board is mounted on the wall with a banner over top that reads: “There is only room for one place and that is first place!” On the opposite end, football jerseys and equipment hang in small open ended closets. Each closet is marked with a small sign above it that reads a player’s last name.

The locker room is vacant except for two large leather couches sitting below the drawing board and two large tables pushed together in front of the open ended closets. Sitting on the tables are large bowls of half empty fruit salad, plates of different kinds of bagels and three large half empty pitchers containing orange juice. Around the room lay many paper plates with half eaten bagels on them; Crumbs are visibly everywhere.
Mounted by duct tape on the wall beside the main entrance is a large white cloth banner that shows a picture of a cross with the words below it that read: “Jesus Saves”: Barely visible through the white cloth is another NY Giants team logo.
Outside the room a man’s voice is constantly heard echoing through speakers. The loud voice is muffled but sounding very energetic. After every pause from the voice a tremendous roar is heard. Finally the man’s voice ends; loud applause and cheering takes over.

As the applause dies down, a young man, in his mid thirties, bursts into the locker room alone. Carrying a bible, he is wearing a flashy silver suit with a large silver cross hanging around his neck. There are several large silver rings on each of his hands. He is good looking with high cheekbones and dark thick hair that is slicked back against his scalp. He is breathing heavily and very sweaty – a bit red in the face. His eyes are wide as he pumps his fist into the air several times. The door shuts behind him.

He runs up to a large mirror and stares into it. After a short pause, he winks at himself and with a big smile he leans in and kisses his own reflection.

Suddenly there is a quick knock at the door. He rushes over and opens it a jar. He quickly ushers in a very attractive blonde woman, in her early thirties, dressed in high heels, a blouse and a short mini skirt. As she quickly begins to undo her blouse, the man turns over a sign on the door held on by duct tape that reads in black magic marker: “Bishop Eddie Holiday. Do not disturb. Prayer in session”

As gates automatically open at the end of a long driveway, a Mercedes Benz slowly enters and drives up to a very large dark house. The man in the silver suit pulls into his four door garage. A long pole stands erect in the front yard with an American flag attached at the top.

Inside the house, the man passes through the lobby taking off his suit jacket. The decor in the large lobby is very art deco decorated with many beautiful sculptures and paintings. He claps his hands and a large cross mounted high in the lobby illuminates on.

The hallway is dark and the man turns on lights anywhere he can as he struts down it. Approaching a set of large wooden doors, he passes by a family portrait hanging on the wall. He looks over at it. In the picture he stands with his brunette wife, early thirties, surrounded by three young girls and a boy.

Entering through the large wooden doors, the man enters his office. A large wooden desk and leather chair sit at the opposite end of the room. Behind the desk and chair is another large white cross illuminated on.

As he makes his way towards his desk, he passes by a large shelving unit.

Darkly lite, on the bottom half of the shelving unit lie many books and multiple copies of the bible. On the upper half of the unit, being illuminated by ceiling pot lights, are many framed photos of the man shaking hands with different celebrities. On the same shelve at the back, barely visible, is a group picture of his kids.

Arriving at his desk, he looks down and notices some mail. He leafs through the pile. Curiously, he picks up a large envelop with no return address.

He opens it up and inside is photos of him and a red headed woman, in her early twenties, having sex in a hotel room.

A sudden look of shock comes over the man and he quickly falls to his knees and begins to pray.