Holy shit, am I the last person or the first person in the US to discover the absolute insanity/awesomeness of every episode of the TV show “Scare Tactics” on the Sci Fi Channel?

Each Scare Tactics episode contains 4 prank segments of about 4-5 minutes each, and I just spent the last 3 hours watching segments non-stop on YouTube. The show ran from 2003-2006, but why it stopped, and how desperately fake and insultingly mind-numbing trash like “Flavor of Love” and “Rock of Love” and “Scott Baio is 46 and Pregnant” got popular instead, I will never understand. Did you know that after a man turns 45 his chances of conception drop to around 15%? I sure hope they do a C-section 'cause I'd hate to see Scott push that thing out of a fragile, 45+ asshole.

The only thing that runs through my mind after each victim on Scare Tactics fears for their life or undergoes extreme psychological trauma (approximately 75% of segments – RATINGS, PEOPLE, HELLO!) is, “Now tell me again, how the fuck do these producers not get sued?” And the only thing I can come up with is that since they pose each segment as a prank endorsed/authorized by the victim's best friend, somehow all of the liability must fall on that person, and the assumption is that the victim would probably never sue their friend. Can I get a lawyer and a psychologist to weigh in here?

According to Wikipedia, there was only one lawsuit so far against the producers and the Sci Fi Channel (for a girl terrified by an alien) and it was thrown out before it got to court. Apparently the judge had seen one too many episodes of “UFO Hunters” on the History Channel and determined “we should all be terrified of aliens.”

But what about subjecting someone to the psychological effects of dying a slow death in a gas chamber? How is that any different from the Holocaust again? Oh right, it doesn't come with a Paul Frank joke.


So how many of you have seen this show before? And what do you think it would take to bring it back, 'cause I have a few ideas…

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