In my Blackberry text message section, it shows a snippet of the latest text in the convo. Below are the last 20 or so people I've text messaged, and the latest text (either from me or the other person). I like to think of this as a shallow character study and a pop culture linguistics check.
Court Sullivan Blackberry text messages

  • Hey! Fuggin guy!! Bike!!
  • Dffjeduyrf ur star power will overloa…
  • It's just me here now.
  • I'm in for the show tonite!
  • Missed all of that man. It's worth
  • Nutsacks.
  • Cool ill make my way ova
  • Wild boyz indeed
  • Hey sorry manate response- can't…
  • Gotcha
  • Yaaay!! I feel so hipster now. I'm go…
  • And I'd still hit that
  • Save a blog for your bloggy
  • Oh hey! cray cray!
  • Word, I'll be down to go later. I'm
  • Swing zing!
  • Right on man.
  • actually im on my way to the hospi…
  • Yezzzir
  • We got nose candy. Hit me up whe…
  • K, walkin down
  • Uppers

By my shoddy calculations, it would appear that my text communication consists of 25% confirmations, 25% jibberish, 20% humor, 15% exclamations, 10% drugs, and 5% excuses.

Share your latest text intros in the comments and contribute to collective mystery and misunderstanding!