So a heated debate has been taking place between my friends, and I thought I would turn to the internet for answers.

A friend of mine has been trying to get with this girl for over a month now, and she has been denying him at every turn. Now he is arguing that she is off limits because he has laid claims on her. Now this girl is nerdy, but extremely sexy and funny, basically the perfect combination, and there are many other suitors who wish to take a shot at this lady.

So the argument came up, is there a waiting period when one of your friends is trying to make relations with a girl? I said he has a month to work his magic, and if not successful, then tough shit, it's never going to happen. He is arguing he has right 'till he gives up. Some of our other friends are claiming that if you can't close the deal within a week, or even a day then she becomes public property again.

So Points in Case readers and writers, is there a time limit to how long someone of the opposite sex is off limits to friends after somehow lays a flag to the territory, even if he or she can't seem to colonize the grounds? I'm still saying they have a month because I still respect friendship (except when I get drunk and break stuff. Seriously, my bad guys).


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