I'm flattered really that you would trust me enough, or that you're stupid enough to trust me, but please quit sending me facebook messages about me getting you drugs. I will not tell you where to find any of the following:

-DXM ( If you want it that bad just drink cough medicine and quit hassling me)
-Any assortment of pills ranging from uppers to downers
-Places that sell alcohol to underage kids in the local area ( Do what the rest of us did, try to buy alcohol, if they say no, leave. If they say yes, enjoy)
-Things you've heard could fuck you up

I'm not going to be your Cincinnati hook up because you sent me a facebook friend invite and messaged my inbox thinking you were being sneaky or some shit. Seriously, what makes you think I am going to tell you where to get any of these? I'm not going to buy it for you, sell it to you, or tell you where it is. I'm not going to swing by your house and deliver anything. I'm not taking any responsibility for anything you want. Find that shit on your own time. You are going to have to do what the rest of us did and leave your house, talk to a friend who knows a guy. That's how the system works. The internet isn't some foolproof, magical system where you can trade drugs and it goes unnoticed. So please, quit messaging me. Everyday when I log on and see a number next to the word inbox, it pains me to know I'm just going to be hitting the delete button because some sixteen year old thinks I can buy him and his friends drugs.

Oh and by the way, typing "Trust me I'm not a cop" in your messages isn't going to magically change my mind.

Jesus Christ what is this world coming to?


Song of the Day: Love Song For A Schubas Bartender By Margot & The Nuclear So and So's