I'm typing this to you on the last day of my mini-vacation in St. Louis, and in case any of you were wondering, the St. Louis Cardinals are still there, Lion's Choice Roast Beef is still delicious and my niece and nephew are still really cute. If you weren't wondering, well, I've wasted some of your time. Sorry about that.

You should all know that the Coolest Dog Ever, Chills, passed away on August 23rd. I will write his internet eulogy tomorrow. So look for that.

Points in Case is happy to announce the arrival of Jake Christie to the family. I'm particularly stoked about this because I always enjoyed reading his old blog. I'm pretty sure that Christie's unique brand of humor is gonna show all of us up around here, but I don't really care as long as he's really gracious about that and brings me some pie. I like pie.

The worst thing about the new baseball stadium in St. Louis is that many of the fans who show up are simply wealthy, casual fans who're looking for something to do, not diehard baseball freaks who know and love the game (like it used to be at Old Busch Stadium). The end result of experiencing these psuedofans is overhearing an endless amount of stupid comments, uninformed opinions and general lack of appreciation for all things baseball. That kind of pains me because St. Louis is supposed to have the most informed and appreciative baseball fans in the world. Instead, we now have a bunch of tourists flocking to the town to check out the new baseball container. I gotta say, it makes me miss the old stadium. Even if it was essentially a 50,000 seat oven.

I don't think I will ever be afraid of any person with the first name, Dylan.

Being wealthy enough to buy your father's drinks at the bar is awesome. Actually paying for them though, well that sucks.

I saw a vendor in St. Louis selling stripped hot dogs (these are hot dogs that are still served on a bun but the dog itself is actually cut into little strips). The vendor's name for this creation? You guessed it: Vick Dogs.

And now, because logic and fluidity have to get on a plane and head for the swampland, I leave you with the following, which I overheard at a family function:

“Gaining weight and getting fat is just nature's way of saying that you eat too much.”


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