There’s a lot going on in the national political landscape. Some politicians are campaigning, while others are busy up in Congress or the House of Representatives writing laws and passing legislation. There are even some who are doing both at the same time. These people most live, breath and eat politics. Honestly, some of them must wear “Politics = Life” T-shirts under their suits. Others probably have bumper stickers reading, “Vote For Me: I’m a Politician.” I mean, come on! We get it already. You love politics! Here’s a gold star. Now can we just move on already?

But no, politics is in the media, too! Apparently one of the more popular politicians got caught up in a scandal. He denied he was a part of the scandal at the beginning. “I did not do that,” he said. However, he must have been lying, because later the reporters found out he had actually been a part of the scandal all along. The balls on that guy! How could he honestly have thought he’d be able to get away with it? Seriously, who in the right mind would vote for these scoundrels?

Apparently most people will. Seems like everybody loves politics. Just the other day I overheard these two older women arguing about whose politics was better. One of them was for one political party, and the other person was for a different one. They kept blaming each other’s politicians for ruining the country while promoting their politicians as the only ones who can fix our country’s problems. Eventually one of ladies stomped off, mumbling something about how one particular politician was the Devil. Really? The Devil?!? That politician must have been up to some very bad stuff if that old lady thought he was the Devil.

Once – just once! – I’d like to have one day without politics. Wouldn’t that be great? Of course, I doubt it could ever happen. All the politicians would probably sign into law a bill or an amendment that bans the banning of politics from our daily lives. They’d make it illegal to not talk about politics, or be political, or attend political rallies and fundraisers or produce and broadcast political advertisements.

If a person fails to have an opinion about the political atmosphere, they’ll be arrested and thrown in jail. At the trial the prosecution will convince the jury they’re some kind of anti-politics dissenter. The judge will call them a threat to the political powers and sentence them to hard time. In prison, they will be abused and tortured, making some sympathizers on the outsiders call these people “political prisoners,” which plays nicely into political utopia the politicians are trying to create.

Then when all the non-political people are locked up, the population will be made up of 100% political citizens. Every year will be an election year, maximizing the political potential for each day. Political debates will become more popular than professional sports. Young people will attend fundraisers instead of school dances. Political parents who have a non-political babies will leave the child on a hill outside of town, so the wolves can have it.

Politics: it’s out of control.