Before I get started I would like to enlighten y'all by telling you a few things I learned during my recent trip to Atlanta.

-Waffle Houses make sandwiches. I thought it was just waffles and other breakfast items. I was wrong.

-Court's first name is William.

-Mikey's beard is more magnificent in person.

-Its possible to say the phrase “Its pretty warm tonight” when its only 35 degrees.

-If you yell ‘Crack Whore' in the right atmosphere everyone will think you're hilarious. If not a genious.

-You can book a flight a year in advance.

On to the gift ideas.

Idea #1
Do you have to be in constant contact with your partner? Do your hands get cold during those winter walks in the park? Do you love your partner enough to put up with their sweaty hands? Well, this is the perfect gift for you. Comes complete with an owner's manual.

Idea #2
Are you tired of having a wet hand towel because he/she keeps using yours? Are you a pirate? Then this is the gift for you and your dirty hands!

Idea #3
Are you a fan of sensual acts? Does your partner like getting them for free? Are you too cheap to buy him/her a real gift? If you answered yes why not settle for a novelty coupon. Nothing says I don't care but I still want to get laid like this item.

Idea #4
This for the freaky couples out there. If you want to say “I would like to give you the long one in the wrong one, but I still care about your comfort” then this is the gift for you!

Idea #5
Do you have trouble telling your loved one that you love them? If you do let this man do it for you with the gift of song. Guaranteed to get you laid.

These are just a few ideas. If you don't think your significant other would like any of those I suggest just buying a picture frame and putting this in it. He/she will go wild.

Happy Holidays