Hello there.  What's your name?

Really, that is absolutely awesome.  I wish my parents had named me after a character from Greek mythology. 

Of course I know a little of that stuff.  I may not be the brightest but I like to think I have a rudimentary knowledge of the classics.  Who's your favorite author?

No way.  I refuse to believe that a woman as fine as yourself could possibly be into Douglas Coupland.  He's so academic. 

Oh, well thank you.  That's nice of you to say.  Not all men spend their lives wrapped up in sports and booze.  Some of us actually enjoy the finer intellectual pursuits. 

[raises glass]

To the pursuit of truth and the beauty therein.     

[glasses clink]

Wow, staring into your eyes and feeling your soft caress on my inner thigh, I can only assume that we two creatures of the night will be adjourning this meeting to a domicile. 

Yes, I definitely want that opportunity as well, but before we go any further, I would like to talk to you about your breasts. 

Girls with pushup bras onOh, don't look so shocked my dear.  That pushup bra didn't put itself on after all.  Why I even see a hint of nipple rising up above that bra-line.  Exactly how far are those pushed up?  I mean, are they B-cups meant to look like C-cups with a straight push up or are they A-cups both pushed up and padded?  A man needs to know these things in this age of lying chests. 

Well, there's no need to be offended.  After all, I'm just looking for a little bit of honesty in this crazy world of lies.  And that woman with obvious D-cup implants has been eyeing me during this entire conversation.  Say, have you ever considered implants?

Look, I can see that this conversation bothers you, but you must understand that I'm merely trying to maximize my enjoyment of this Friday night.  And to be fair, your breasts are not the easiest to read, even snuggled in that tight top.  Perhaps you could just tell me the name and style of your bra so I'll have some idea if your chest is even worth fondling. 

Fine then, you have a great night.  I must say though that I don't understand your disposition.  I mean, if you wanted to talk about my penis, I'd gab with you as long as you like.  It's one of my favorite subjects. 

All right then, if you refuse to be honest with me about your chest, then I'll be moving on.