The Super Bowl is coming and I have successfully avoided most of the hype. I know which teams are playing, that black people are prominently involved in every aspect of the game excepting ownership. And that Prince is performing the halftime show. Most importantly, I know the spread.

And it hasn't moved in two weeks. It opened at seven and it's still seven. I don't know if this is usual or unusual because I rarely bet on Super Bowls anymore (it's almost never the best game of the year), but the masses have spoken. They firmly believe in the Colts by a touchdown.

I don't.

As with every Bears game of the year, it all depends on which Rex Grossman shows up. No QB has ever sucked so much in one game and kicked so much ass in another in the same season. Personally, I think the dude needs a shrink and possible medication, but that opinion hardly matters because I'm not a mental health professional or even an acquaintance of Rex Grossman. But it's how I feel, you know? And you can't fight the way you feel.

And I feel like the Bears defense is gonna have a lot of fun with Peyton Manning. I can smell interceptions returned for touchdowns, maybe a sack or two and the slight hint of a safety.

And then there's Dungy.

Look, I live in Tampa. I'm a Buc's fan. I know many people who go to church with or belong to community groups with Tony Dungy. His son died way too young in Tampa. We all love Tony down here. We know that Gruden essentially won us a Super Bowl with Dungy's team (only three different players joined the team the year Gruden took over). And we all know that ownership replaced Dungy because they felt that he wasn't motivating the talent enough.

Now, granted, this is Tampa, Florida. It's a little harder to motivate someone in Tampa than it is in say, Indianapolis. Distractions play a large role in these things (I guess). And, I'm sure that Tony, an intelligent and exceedingly rational human being, has learned a lot since his days in Tampa. But I need proof.

And the same can be said for Peyton Manning, who's wearing a three piece suit sewn entirely from “can't win the big game” columns and articles (mainly because he's never won the big game and he's cheap about his suits): I need proof. I need to see him do it. Rex Grossman, hell, he's an unproven long shot. I'll bet he can't even believe he's in the damn game, let alone starting. What does he have to be nervous about? If anything, he'll probably play like a fearless madman once he realizes that this is the last time in eight months that a large man will pop him in the jaw with a helmet. If he's feeling pressure, he's a moron.

The Bears have got the defense. The Bears have got the Underdog Chip on their shoulders. And the Bears have something that no one has ever had before.

A Head Coach named, Lovie.

I mean, that's such a cool name.

Bears (+7) over Colts

Playoff Record: 5-5