This picture was taken at the 12th annual Sci-fi convention in Los Angeles, California. The birth name of the man in the robot costume is Peter Wilks. But he doesn't go by Peter Wilks anymore:

He goes by Blood Wolf.

Blood wolf has over 20 piercings on his body. His back is covered in large tattoos of gothic and medival images. He also has a tattoo that covers his entire chest and stomach of a cross with a dead wolf hanging on it.

That's his bi-sexual girlfriend of 8 years on the far right. Her birth name is Elizabeth Coman. But don't call her that. You bark like a dog to call her name.

Blood Wolf's rules.

The man in the middle is Teddy Land. He's 32 years old, lives alone and not sure what to do with his life. Most of his spare time is spent in chat rooms under the name: The”real”BartSimpson023. Teddy doesn't know this, but Blood Wolf and his girlfriend are not at the Sci-Fi convention for “fun”.

They are on a mission.

In Blood Wolf's basement lies an empty room with a cage in it. The previous gimp of 4 years that once entertained Bloodwolf and his girlfriend doesn't want to play anymore. Well, he didn't want to play from the start. But that's another blog post.

Blood Wolf thinks Teddy has potential. Just before this picture was taken, Blood Wolf has invited Teddy to his place for dinner that night. Teddy gladly accepted.

While this picture was being taken, Teddy was thinking if that night, there was a chance he'd be able to try on that robot costume.

BloodWolf's thinking of another costume Teddy's going to try on.