A middle-aged British man wearing a tan suit enters a small store. It's either like a convenience store or like a small pet shop. There's a middle-aged man standing behind an old-fashioned cash register, whistling.

The customer starts talking to the cashier.

"Cheers, mate, my name is Sir Reginald Pennington the 6th, per chance could you help me out?"

"Cheerio. In a wee bit of a spot, eh?"

"Indeed, my good friend. You see, my car broke down about a hundred meters back, and as you can see, I'm in quite a pickle!"

"Quite a pickle indeed, mate." He lifts a cup of tea up to his mouth and takes a sip of the tea and sets the cup of tea down. The whole process takes about 15 seconds. "But are you trying to trollop my coal-train? Don't be cheeky with me, there, mate!"

"What? How dare you accuse me of such drivel!"

"How dare you come in my here shop, my good sir, and try to whipple my dipple?!"

"I've never whipped a dipple in my life, mate. I'm telling the honest truth."

"The honest truth, EH?" He says triumphantly as if just discovering a new element. "Then HOW did you get here? Answer that, Pip! If your car broke down, then you wouldn't have been able to get here, NOW WOULD YOU HAVE?" He stares at the customer with a smirk and waits for a response.

All of a sudden, a look of pure horror comes over the customer's face. His face turns blood red, he stammers as he points behind the cashier. He's too scared to form words.

"Well, git on with it, mate."

"It…..it's a bear!!!"

The cashier looks at the frightened customer. The frightened customer looks at the bear. The cashier turns around to look at the bear.

"Why that's not a bear! That's me mum!"

The store owner looks directly into the camera and shrugs as he says this, with a goofy smirk on his face. The audience roars in laughter at the catchphrase. The beginning credits of the show roll.

That's Not A Bear, That's Me Mum!