1. Damien joins a baseball league of 38 excited players. On the first practice, Coach Thomas divided the players up into 2 equal teams.

How many players are on each team?

2. On the second day of practice, Coach Thomas decided to measure all of the boys and girls. Damien is the shortest. Damien is 48 inches tall. The tallest player is named Tamber. Tamber is 60 inches tall. The tallest player is given a bat. The bat is 30 inches long. The tallest player is told to use the bat to hit as far as he can. Tamber can hit 60 feet far, because Tamber has a temper.

What is the median height of Damien and Tamber?

3. On the third day of practice, Coach Thomas brought 0 bats. The 38 excited players wanted to play the game of ball, but were not allowed to, due to 0 bats. Damien spent 45 seconds staring at the sun, without closing his eyes. Tamber has a temper. Tamber has 0 bats.

How many tempers does Tamber have?

4. On the fourth day of practice…

How many days of practice?

5. On the fifth day of practice, Coach Thomas stays in his 1984 Hyundai Excel. 38 excited players have 61 limp bats. 38 excited players occupy 4 dusty bases. 1 ball soars in the air. Damien runs for the 1 ball with 2 limp bats. Damien catches 1 ball. 1 excited player will be expelled from competition.

What is the MSRP on a 2001 Hyundai Elantra?

6. On the 11th day of practice, 21 excited players are chosen for duty in the mines. Damien cleans 11lbs of clean coal. Tamber excavates 1 human skeleton. He recognizes its bone structure. 81-inch. Could it be? D.B. Cooper?

How many inches taller than Tamber is D.B. Cooper?

7. The season is over. All 3 excited players are awarded 1 shiny trophy from Coach Lumber. Each trophy costs $1. Coach Lumber paid $18 for the trophies and one plastic bottle of TAAKA.

Is that a fair bargain? How much would you pay? We have 4 spare trophies we have to get off our hands.