Dear Popcorn Lovers,

The best kept secret in popcorn is about to be unleashed on the public. Now, prepare yourself for the ultimate popcorn experience!

Your new Twisty-Pop® stove-top popcorn maker pops superior popcorn. Before you start popping, go ahead and take a moment to try the leading microwaveable brand. Not going to do it, are you? That's because you know, savory or sweet, traditional or movie style, you can count on the Twisty-Pop® results to be the same every time… SPECTACULAR!

Popping is now made fast, easy, and fun! Enjoy this Twisty-Pop® guide as we reveal the secrets to fantastic popcorn!

Making the World's Best Popcorn:

  • Wash pan before using for the first time.
  • Start with fresh popcorn!
  • Moisture content should be exactly 14%.
  • Popcorn should be popped at room temperature between 7:30pm and 1:20am.
  • Popcorn: Use 2/3 cup for the eight-quart popper, 1/2 cup popcorn for the six-quart popper, 1/3 cup popcorn for the four-quart popper, 1/6 cup popcorn for the two-quart popper, 1/10 cup popcorn for the one-quart popper, and 1/32 cup popcorn for the half-quart popper.
  • Oil: We suggest using 1-3 tablespoons of Argan oil. (Argan oil is produced from the kernels of the Argan tree, endemic to Morocco and valued for its nutritive, cosmetic, and numerous medicinal properties. Keep cool until use!) As you become comfortable with your Twisty-Pop® popper, you can reduce the oil to 1 tablespoon.
  • When stove-top is ready, place popper with oil and popcorn on heat. Stir clockwise then counter-clockwise for about three minutes. Be sure to reference Twisty-Pop® stirring guide (pages 23-57).
  • Silence-Pop® renders popcorn popping completely silent. Keep gloved hand on side of popper sensing slight vibrations. REMOVE FROM HEAT IMMEDIATELY once vibrations reach less than 7 per 5 seconds.
  • Your popcorn should be incredibly delicious and tender! Transfer popcorn into serving bowl immediately, add your favorite seasonings (no salt), toss, and enjoy the world's best popcorn!
  • NOTE: If the ratio between popped corn and unpopped corn is over 17:1, you should (quickly) bury the popcorn in an unmarked trash bag, wrap that bag in a different trash bag, tie everything to a cement block, and toss it into the center of a large lake. NEVER speak of that batch ever again.


Child eating out of a popcorn bowl
Never leave popper unattended while popping! If you are popping and have to leave the room, do not leave the popper attended by a child! If one of your other children is hurt/sick/dying in another room while you're popping, and the only other person you can trust to watch the popper is your other child, you'll need to choose which child is more important, because you should NOT leave a hot popper alone with a child!

Never put your face near a pan that contains hot oil! Twisty-Pop® popcorn makers use Silence-Pop® technology allowing the corn to pop without sound! Never doubt Twisty-Pop®'s Silence-Pop® technology! By hovering your face above the pan to "double check" the Silence-Pop® process, you will suffer severe burns to the cheeks, lips, eyes, and nose!

Hot oil might burn or catch fire! Always pack a suitcase with identification, money, bank information, clothes, medications, and other essential items! Remember: there is nothing you can do to stop an oil fire! If oil fire escapes Twisty-Pop® pan, grab suitcase(s), warn other popcorn lovers, and leave the premises immediately.

Twisty-Pop® with Silence-Pop® technology is not responsible for injuries, damages or post-traumatic-stress disorder caused by use of product.

For questions, check out the Twisty-Pop® FAQ section or explore the history of popcorn, popcorn poppers and more! For additional information, feel free to contact Twisty-Pop® with a letter, phone call, e-mail, or visit our web page. We hope to hear from you soon!

The Twisty-Pop® Team