Elf_gal312: I hate when spells have a long story at the beginning. I don’t need your life story, just get to the spell!
Wiccanmama: I like Sylvia’s stories. Makes it more personal
HexMeBaby1: Then just scroll down! Not hard to do!

LunaLover: I didn’t have any devil’s claw, so I used dried pineapple. No wormwood, so I substituted parsley. Also, I’m allergic to juniper berries, so I tried some Oops All Berries Crunch Berry cereal. DID NOT WORK! So disappointed

BlessedBroomstick: Why in the 21st century are witches still advocating for spells that are not 100% VEGAN? The use of Bee Pollen in this spell is a SIN against MOTHER NATURE. When there are hundreds of VEGAN Pollen alternatives how you can advocate for this spell is beyond me.
LucyCasts: Personally, I find that vegan spells do NOT have the same effectiveness as non-vegan ones. Not everyone has the ability to be so pure. In my city, many do not have access to vegan spell supplies and must make do with whatever is in their local spell shop.
Succubus4: This is a spell for revenge on humans and you are worried about BEES? Nice priorities.
BlessedBroomstick: People deserve it, animals are innocent.
HexMeBaby1: Tell that to RAPE DOLPHINS

HocusPocus22: This spell is a lifesaver. The woman who stole my husband was hit by an uninsured minivan and broke her spine at L5. Recommending to all my friends.

Phiilly55: Who cares? Magic isn’t real. Read a book.
EyeofNewt: Tell that to the thousands of witches who were burned in Europe.
Phiilly55: Why didn’t magic save them from burning then?
DAN34524: My AuNt makes $3000/wk work#ing from home! Go t%o FreeMoneyFast.COM EasY

Salem_Survivor: You call this a revenge spell, but it is actually just a rip-off of an ancient Hindu ritual. But your whitewashed version gets all the clicks without acknowledging the source!

BasicWitch: Two hours of chanting? Who has the time? I’ll never do this.
HexMeBaby1: Then don’t.

Elphaba99: Mixed up my revenge herb mix with my baby’s formula. I called poison control in time but I'm posting as a warning to other parents.

Magick_Path: Decided to try this revenge spell out on my ex-boss. He just got promoted??!? How long does it take to take full effect?
CovenCommander: Are you sure the promotion was a good thing? Maybe he hates the job?
420Priestess: Don’t worry! I did this ritual last year and only now did my mom get cancer. Let the spell work in its own time.

EyeofNewt: Burned the tallow candles for 20 minutes longer than the spell specified. Still worked fine.
BlessedBroomstick: Not Vegan!

Circe’sDaughter: How much salt for the circle? The recipe does not specify.
HocusPocus22: I used about a cup.
Circe’sDaughter: I left a candle burning and my house burned down. Salt is the least of my problems now!

Sea_Witch34: The most important part was left out of this spell, only using Organic Mugwort. If not Organic you might as well be doing spells with Cheetos and Coke!

Full_Moon: Wanted a love spell, but found this instead. Made my crush go blind. I was there for him throughout his struggles and we have been married for four years.

Red_Witch: Love this spell, but do you have to include your politics? The comment about using the spell on Republicans was totally unnecessary. Let people get revenge on whoever they want without bringing politics into it!
DeathCard09: This is HER spell. If you don’t like it, go find a revenge spell on FOX News.
Red_Witch: Threatening politicians is illegal. I know plenty of people in the FBI and she will be sent to prison soon I am sure!
LucyCasts: Gonna do this spell on you now you alt-right bitch.

KitchenWitch723: Not a spell for a beginner and there should be a warning! My daughter, a novice witch, tried this spell to get revenge on her neighbor and ended up accidentally killing her cat.
BlessedBroomstick: MURDERER
KitchenWitch723: She loved that cat and it was the spell that killed the cat, not my daughter.
Full_Moon: It’s not murder if it is unintentional.
HexMeBaby1: Literally against the definition of murder

Tadpole69: Great Spell! Used it on my ex-girlfriend and her life is a mess.
HexMeBaby1: What a sexist pig. You should never use a hex on a woman.
Tadpole69: I’m also a woman you homophobe.

CauldronKeeper: How could I alter this to make it a money spell?
Succubus4: Just look up a money spell instead.

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