Bro, if you thought the first wave of the ‘rona was crazy you better start waxing your surf stick right now cuz you have NO IDEA what’s coming this summer.

Yeah, things got pretty buck during the first wave. The economy took a crazy wipeout, my grandma got straight barrelled (shred in peace, G’ma) and we had to wear those goofy masks for like weeks.

But dude, the second wave is going to make all that look like a weak ass ankle buster.

People all over the country are just hanging loose and letting that curve brew and brew. The other day, my buddy T-Dog tweeted this pic of a Bonefish Grill in Orlando and there were tons of people with no masks and no social d whatsoever.

Everyone is trying to get a piece of the action! It’s going to be bitchin’!

What’s even crazier about this new wave is that politicians and government leaders are all ABOUT that swell, man. Back in the day they were all like, “We gotta close non-essential businesses, ban gatherings of more than five people and make sure everyone’s washing their hands and wearing PPE.”

But now they’re all, “Reopen everything and let’s get back to biznass! Mahalloooooo!!!!”

Even the president is trying to hang ten on this juicy second wave. I keep seeing stuff online about full-blown rallies with thousands of people… inside… screaming at the top of their lungs. And what’s even better, they’re going to be right next to each other, dude!

I dunno about you but I can practically feel the curve getting gnarlier and gnarlier.

Sorry if I’m getting carried away it’s just that all this talk about the second wave is getting me so hyped! Aside from the O.G. Coronawave, I haven’t ridden anything this tasty since the Swine Wave back in ‘09 and that wasn’t even half as tubular.

Now that I think about it, I don’t think anyone has stepped up to anything this lit since the Spanish Wave back in 1918. That thing was muy gnarly, hermano.

Waves like these change the game forever man. Some people are all shook over it but nah, not me. This is history, brah. One day I’ll be telling my grandkids about how I grabbed the second wave by the horns and just shredded it to pieces. It’s gonna be so dope.

The second wave is gonna be gnar AF, dude. Here's to hoping the third wave is even gnarlier.