A lot of people believe that lions will become vegans on December 21, 2012; either that, or the world will end. This is totally fine. One of the biggest benefits to thinking the world is coming to an end is being able to go banaynays and do whatever you want and say, "Screw consequences, get money, get hoes, SWAAAAAAAAAAAAAG."

But let's fast forward to the morning of December 22, 2012, or as I like to call it, National "OH SHIT" Day. You're still here, and suddenly the phrase "do you boo boo" doesn't sound as sweet anymore. If you're wondering what to do, then kick that hooker out of your bed and wonder no more! Here are some things you will (or should) do the day after shizzy gets realzies.

1. Apologize Like Your Life Depends on It

Dog is sorry

In your conquest to live life to the fullest you made some enemies, but don't be scurred, all you have to do to repair those bridges you threw gasoline on and burned with a flamethrower is say "sorry." Tell people you just really got into YOLO for a while or that your evil twin came to town and has been making you look like a total dick.

Make up excuses like your life depends on it, because the Santas holding the Salvation Army buckets you stole money from to buy that IDGAF t-shirt (that you just HAD TO HAVE) would be more than happy to beat the living shit out of you. Apologize to all the children, adults, Cold Stone employees, fish at Sea World, Taylor Swift, DMV ladies, dudes that wear Uggs, dudes that are ugly, African-Americans, African-Africans, and humans you did so wrong.

2. Quit a Drug Addiction

Addiction word game

The world is ending, I should start doing cocaine or huff some computer duster! Fuck it, my body's not going to be here long enough to endure any damage, and life as we know it is donezo, so let's do meth!

AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Unfortunately, you and the rest of the human race are still here, except for those guys who went skinny dipping in shark infested waters—they're dead. And since you're still here, that means your body (that has been used as a treasure chest for toxic waste) is also here—in other words, you're screwed.

But chillax, being addicted to various drugs can be managed nowadays. You basically have two choices:

  1. Start selling your body to support this new hobby.
  2. Not do that.

Then again, you're a smart person so this whole thing will resolve itself! …Actually, no, you should probably go to rehab.

3. Go Treasure Hunting in Your House

Treasure Hunting Map

Last night was cray cray, but that's understandable, seeing how it was the whole last night on Earth and junk. Now you've woken up dazed and confused, a little hungry, and a lot hungover, but more importantly, what's with all this cool stuff lying around?! There's a bunch of swag glazed around your home, and it's time to start collecting it.

Is that a brick of pure gold in your closet, a hologram Tupac Shakur Generator on your couch, Michael Jackson passed out on your stove, or a bowl of cheerios that actually taste good in the hand of a statue of Zeus? HELL YEAH! Screw the details of how all this got here, it's time to collect what's not rightfully yours and not give a bag of fucks!

4. Make Friends

Nice women talking outside in chairs

The knowledge that the human race will no longer be on Earth in the near future (and alcohol) is the world's most organic truth serum. Why not say the things you usually keep bottled up inside out loud for the world to hear, even for your girly friends to hear? Did your girly friends take you to see Marley and Me instead of Bridesmaids? Well tell them to go eat lots of ice cream and that you secretly hope that the Lifetime channel is a reality! They won't have their physical bodies long enough to be mad at you.

But hey, it's the next day, your buddies have gone away, and since there's no morning after pill for being a dick, it looks like somebody is going to have to build a few new relationships. It's time to venture back out into the world; time to get some fresh air. Now is the time to see if your social skills are second best or above the rest, so go to a dubstep concert, a club, the park, or anything else that puts you next to a person. You're just going to have to do whatever it takes to be around the people that should have died yesterday but didn't. Be cool with these new potential BFFs, and for the love of god, brush your teeth.

5. Go to the Doctor

Doctor wearing a stethoscope

A person usually goes to the doctor to make sure their body's in decent health, or healthy enough to go out and destroy it completely. And there's a good chance you'll be doing this the day after "I Dun Curr" Day/December 21, 2012.

"But why the hell would I need to see a doctor?" you ask.

The real question is, "Why the hell wouldn't you need to see a doctor?" The end of days is a free pass to be a risk taker and listen to that R.E.M. song "Everybody Hurts." So excuse em moi, but your body is gonna need a few repairs. And since life isn't all shits and giggles like that board game Operation, this won't be pleasant.

6. Move On With Your Life

Sign that says "move on" with arrow

In the end, the world's still here and life goes on, but don't get down! You'll just go online and find out when the world "REALLY" comes to an end and start this process over again. Why? Because you got spunk, shorty!