Do not defy me, mortal child. Tell me at once what you’ve done with my amulet!

1. “Where is the Amulet of Pharakhor?”

A) “I’ll never tell you.”

B) “Your magicks don’t scare me, sorcerer!”
C) “Ha! I threw it into the Pit of Forgotten Dreams.”
D) “This necklace thing? I just found it on the ground, honest!”

2. “Insolent fool! Don’t you realize I could banish you to the Chaos Realm with my thoughts alone?”

A) “Not even your abilities are that great.”
B) “Then do it, old man!”
C) “I fear not; I am protected by the Silver Wizard’s enchanted owl feather.”
D) “Look, I don’t belong here. I was hiding from some bullies in a shop, and I found this really old book in the backroom…”    

3. “I’m the reason you’ve even made it this far. I summoned the fox spirit who guided you through the Forest of Perpetual Night, and ‘twas I who revived your battle-weary body with the healing milk of the tri-horned bison.”

A) “I … I don’t believe you.”
B) “What? That can’t be!”
C) “Do not try to deceive me. The Silver Wizard warned me of your trickery.”
D) “Listen, I just need to get back home. The championship game is tonight!”  

4. “You’re alive only because I need you alive, for you are the one foretold in the prophecy: the boy who falls from the sky and unlocks the Amulet’s true power.”   

A) “That’s impossible. I’m just a farmer’s son.”
B) “But I don’t know the first thing about magic.”
C) “I never asked for any of this!”
D) “Please, I just need to borrow your cell phone. You have a cell phone, right?”

5.  “Join me. Together we could rule the kingdom, nay, the entire world!” 

A) “I would never form an alliance with the likes of you!”
B) “I won’t let you get away with this!”
C) “Khardonia the Phoenix Master is the true and rightful king!”
D) “This is all just a big misunderstanding. I’m just a regular kid. I haven’t even kissed a girl yet!”  

6. “Fine. If you will not stand beside me, then you will kneel at my feet! Recolligo phasmatis flamma!”

A) “No!”
B) “Ahhh!”
C) “Help, Silver Wizard!”
D) “Oh man, my parents are gonna kill me.”

7. “The Amulet—it’s glowing! I’ve never before encountered such awesome power!”

A) “I can feel the Amulet imbuing me with its limitless energy!”
B) “Your dark magicks are useless against my divine omnipotence.”
C) “I feel connected to everything. I am everything.”
D) “You know, after surviving this adventure of a lifetime, those bullies back home don’t seem so tough anymore.”  

8. “The prophecy is true: you are the descendant of the great God-King Pharakhor! Please, take mercy on me, Your Majesty!”      

A) “You are not worthy of my mercy, old man. Prepare to meet your end.”
B) “It’s time you paid for your crimes against the kingdom. Let’s finish this!”
C) “Never again shall you hurt or intimidate those weaker than you. Be gone, sorcerer!”
D) “No more running away from my problems. From now on, I stand up for myself!”

RESULT: You Are The Demigod Pharakhor!

With the unimaginable power of the Amulet pulsing through your veins, you are now the unstoppable demigod Pharakhor! Your incredible strength and spiritual knowledge are legendary. You will lead the world into a millennium of peace and prosperity. Jake Gibson and his jerk friends don’t stand a chance against you now!