Everyone relies on someone, somehow, some way, at some point. Either that, or you wouldn't be reading this, because you died shortly after birth from malnourishment. It's a fact that acts as one of life's many foundations. We don't change it, we simply build around it. Kind of like when I was 11 and threw a large rock into the largest anthill ever constructed. The ants couldn't remove it, so they just went with it.

Some people, however, learn to depend on someone or something early on, and, in some cases, would never exist without whatever it is they may be clinging to. In many cases, they don't even enhance what they mooch off of in order to survive. There are even inanimate objects guilty of this. They never even give so much as a thank you note to their life support.

So I contacted several of these nouns (people, places, and things) in order to see if I could get them to write a brief thank you note to the one thing they should worship more than anything on the planet: their better half. Below, I have compiled the responses I did happen to receive from these nouns (I will publish the responses as they roll in). Finally, a little respect.

Dear Sports,

Fantasy sports nerds Thank you for being an integral part of our everyday lives. You equate to over 90% of everything we have stored in our brains. Because of you we have reason to wake up in the morning; we have a reason to dress like we are 13 again; and we can maintain conversations with other men, which allows us to compete with one another through our vast knowledge of you without even being moderately athletic or having any sort of coordination at all.

Without you it would be unacceptable to run around shirtless in the cold; people may find it weird if we touch our best friends' asses and yell "good hustle!" when they get off the phone with the pizza guy; we would just be millions of smelly men in parking lots, eating bratwursts in a parking lot as if it were some kind of homeless people convention; the beer industry would collapse; we would only use the internet for video games and porn; we might feel the need to be *GULP* productive at work instead of getting freaky with all of your junk online. Sorry, we meant "looking at stats online." Truth be told… we love you. Hold us.

Eternally Grateful,
Tailgaters and Fantasy Geeks

Dear Old People,

Metal detector for old peopleWe're not really moochers, right? You love us. We work so well together. As a matter of fact, one might even venture to say that you need us more than we need you. You would have nothing to live for if it weren't for us. What are you gonna do? Play with your grand children?! Yeah, right. You need exercise to survive past 60 and are easily persuaded by infomercials showing silver foxes play with me on the beach. If anything, you owe us a letter of respect and adoration. We don't beep to let you know something of value is nearby; we beep to let you know that we are your life support. When you stop hearing that beep, it's because you are heading for that light at the end of the tunnel. And no, that's not an ancient golden artifact, that's a Corona bottle cap on the beach. Man, if the actual bottle is close by, you might be able to take it to Michigan to collect your nickel. Then maybe you could get a tank of gas, go see a movie and buy a candy bar with the change… You know, like when you were kids…

Waiting for Your Apology,
Metal Detectors

Dear Mildly Attractive Stripper,

Ugly stripper in a braI really, REALLY would have no clue what to do without you. I have absolutely no marketable skills, no education, no self-esteem, and no boyfriend. I couldn't land a job picking up the Corona bottles buried in the sand that the Metal Detectors were talking about. I will absolutely drive us to our shows, and do as you say. I will even give you a majority of the tips and pretend it doesn't bother me. You are my everything… until you hit 30…

Your Plush Imaginary Coattails Passenger,
Ugly Stripper

Dear Mexican Food,

Sour creamYou've boosted my sales immensely. No one puts me on anything but you. You're my landing pad. A little dollop here, a little dollop there and my job security is cushioned. I love rubbing myself all over you (just don't tell the salsa. She hates when I do that)… What's that? You're down with a little me, you, Salsa three-way? I'd be lying if I said I weren't at least a little intrigued… How do we approach her with this suggestion?

Impatiently Waiting,
Sour Cream

Dear Sour Cream,

Mexican food with sour cream on itAre you kidding me?! It's YOU that complete ME. People love you. Without you, there would be no me. For thousands of years, you have been around but people were embarrassed to eat you directly from the tub with a spoon. It was just taboo, like sex. Everyone wanted some, but doing it in the open was socially unacceptable. So then I came about. I am like your bedroom in this twisted culinary/sexual analogy… A place to do it that no one questions. I mean sure it's nice to sneak a bite in the park or at work, but you know that if you want to be safe, just throw some on me. I am there for you baby.

Yours Always,
Mexican Food

Dear Mexican Food,

This analogy has me all worked up… What did Salsa say???

In the Mood for Some You,
Sour Cream

Salsa cupDear Sour Cream/Mexican Food,

You had me at "twisted culinary/sexual analogy."

So In,

Dear Facebook,

Before you, no one cared when I was brushing my teeth or just ate three granola bars and a packet of fruit snacks. Now, 457 people care. I can tell because they haven't defriended me. Who would have thought my life would be this interesting? You're a dream come true!

Intimately Yours,
Boring Egotistical Asshole

Dear Internet,

Roy VincentMan, where would I be without you? A columnist at a newspaper? No one reads these posts… A newspaper would never hire me. I write things about magical lands where boys are pure evil. I write about food condiment ménage trios. I write about Terry the Bounty Hunter. There is absolutely no medium or market for what I write. Without you, my thoughts would stay in my head where they belong and never surface for the world to see. The world would be a slightly smarter place, as everyone is now dumber for having read to the end of this post. Thanks for not limiting or censoring me.

Futilely Leeching Since December,