You are about to enter another world. It is a world not of matter, but of hilarious practical jokes. It lies between the pit of man’s fear… and the summit of his gullibility. It’s a place we like to call… The Prank Zone.”

“Presented for your consideration: Michael Chambers. He believes that an alien species has invited him onto their UFO because they wish To Serve Man. He’s looking forward to a life of luxury, but let’s just say these particular aliens might have something a little different ‘cooked' up on… The Prank Zone.”

“This is Julian Schwartz. He’s about to sit down on this seemingly innocent chair. He doesn’t think that his butt will produce a loud, farting sound. But what Mr. Schwartz doesn’t realize is that he’s just stepped into the outskirts of… The Prank Zone.”

“You’re traveling through another dimension. One made, not of matter… but of doesn’t-matter!”

“Meet Henry Bemis. He’s just survived the nuclear annihilation of his entire city, and is rejoicing because he thinks he’s finally going to have some time to read, just like he always wanted. What Bemis doesn’t know is that he just stepped onto the ‘sight' of… The Prank Zone.”

“Presented for your consideration: Mike Ferris, an astronaut, who lost his sanity in a test gone wrong and is currently hallucinating that he’s trapped in a world without any people. We’re also going to draw a mustache on him and then push him into a pool. He’s about to make a ‘splash' on… The Prank Zone.

“There is a fifth dimension, beyond that which is known to man. Ha! I pranked you! There are only four dimensions. Idiot.”

“You’ve just met Marian Crawford. She’s on a trip across the country, all on her own, driving from town to lonely town. She thinks that she’s about to answer an innocent question about how to spell the word ‘Icup,' but sooner or later, she might ‘see' differently on… The Prank Zone.”

“Presented for your consideration: my boy, Josh. Josh has been my bro since way back. That’s why he’s not gonna see it coming when I totally prank him by changing the orbit of Earth so it falls slowly into the sun. It’s really gonna be a ‘scorcher' here on… The Prank Zone.”

“You unlock this door with the key of lying to your friends. Behind it is another world. A world of sight. A world of sound. A world of hilarious content. You’re entering a world of both shadow and jokes, of things and totally not things; trust me, none of it’s gonna be a thing at all, bro. You’ve crossed over into… The Prank Zone.”

“This is Agnes Forth. She believes that she is hideously deformed and must undergo corrective surgery in order to be allowed to exist in society. But actually, she’s hot as heck; we just raised her in a society of people who are super ugly. Let’s find out her reaction when she ‘faces' the music on… The Prank Zone.

“Meet Robert Taylor, a man who’s never quite fit in. Pranked! That’s actually Sebastian Reeves, a small man, a forgettable man! You totally believed me too!”

“Portrait of a man: Mr. Robin Wilson, on board a plane which he thinks doesn’t have a monster on its wing. We’re going to… well, you can probably guess where we’re going with that one, actually. It’s just a bit of ‘plane' fun, on… The Prank Zone.

“The man you’ve just met is Romney Wordsworth, in his last forty-eight hours on planet Earth. He’s a citizen of the United States, but will soon have to be eliminated, because he has a mind and questions the will of the state. That’s actually pretty gnarly on its own, so we’re just gonna peace out. Sorry about the execution, dude!”

“Presented for your consideration: Rod Serling, the presenter on TV’s premier prank show, The Pran-– Wait! That’s me! No! No, you can’t prank me! I’m the one who does the pranks! You can’t do this! Not to me! Not to meeeeeeeee!”