Staff Collabs

PIC Writer Superlatives!

A recklessly selected panel of 18 PIC writers, past and present, have each come up with 5-10 superlatives for various fellow writers. It's like a big circle-jerk of inside jokes!”

PIC Live Chat Highlights
On 12-19-10 at 9pm, we replaced the front page with a Facebook live chat open to readers/writers. The following are some comedic highlights plucked from just over 3 hours of action.”

Interview with Court Sullivan, PIC's Founder and Editor
Nathan DeGraaf, PIC's longest running columnist, interviews Fearless Editor Court “That Bitch Better Not Be Ovulating” Sullivan for a glimpse into the man behind the magic behind the screen.


Casey Freeman: Happy 10th Birthday, PIC
After ten years, there's a lot of great stuff on PIC. I'm not saying that because I'm the most famous and popular and good looking  writer. I'm saying PIC is great because it is.

Nathan DeGraaf: Ten Years is a Long Time
In the six plus years I have written for PIC, I have received numerous offers of sex, naked pictures, friendly & unfriendly emails, death threats, free drinks, a few friendships, a little money, and an autographed copy of Bill Simmons' first novel.

Xavier Holland: Happy Tenth, Points in Case
It's hard to believe that PIC is turning 10 years old. Partially because that's an eternity in the comedy-website world, but mostly because it seems like it's been much, much longer than that.

Follow-Ups to PIC Articles

Waxing Serious for Once on Points in Case by Andrei Trostel
For this special PIC 10th anniversary, I'm going to do something that most people have never actually seen me do here: I'm going to be serious for once. Are you ready for it?!

What Your Facial Hair Says About You by David Nelson
Men (and some extraordinary women) may choose how to shape and design the hair that grows out of their human faces. And this decision is like a little window into the soul.


What Points in Case Means to Me by Michael Winston
My name is Michael and although I have only been part of the PIC community for 1/20th of its existence, I already feel like part of the family.