Underwear Jokes

Top 10 funny things about underwear:

  1. Even with capes or eye paint, superheroes and wrestlers make them look classy and sophisticated: Four True Heroes and Their Stories
  2. It created the term “commando,” something us college students know too much about: You Know You're In College When…
  3. Its the most comfortable thing to wear alone when your roommates are gone and you're home all by yourself: Status Symbols: A Crash Course
  4. If you're a guy, shopping for it sucks because not only is it awkward, but deciding what kind to buy is a bitch: Men in Tights
  5. Girls will spend more than $50 on underwear while guys will take the 3-pack for $10: Girls, Girls, Girls
  6. Even if we want it for Christmas, we still hate getting it on Christmas Day: Happy Holiday Questions
  7. Everyone knows that a girl in guy's underwear is one of the hottest things a person can see in their lifetime: Stupid Questions Only Girls Ask
  8. Despite the fact that it looks completely stupid (on guys), companies still have the power today to print animals and cartoon characters on them: We're More Interesting Than You
  9. They aren't meant to be tossed in a drawer, they're meant to be left on the floor right next to someone else's: An Idiot's Guide to Beating Your Wife
  10. Thanks to the person who created lingerie, they can be damn right sexy: Sarah Palin Makes Me Want to Lay Pipe in Alaska
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