Pictures Jokes

Top 10 funny things about pictures:

  1. Photography is never fun when you have to take pictures for a school assignment: A Day in the Life of a Crappy Photographer
  2. For some weird reason, the students on college brochures are always happy…and sober: How to Spot a Shitty College
  3. The ugliest pictures of ourselves are instantly destroyed and lost forever: Six Degrees of Facebook
  4. There are two types of pictures people post online: the “hey, you know you want to have sex with me” and “yeah, I like booze”: Yeah, We Met Online
  5. You can always find a random person you don't know in a photo of you with your friends: Yeah, We Met Online
  6. Text message pictures usually involve something random and disgusting, like testicles: Dick Pic Etiquette
  7. The unofficial rules for posing are: guys throw devil-horns or do something stupid and girls act like strippers: College Halloween Costumes
  8. We always have to take pictures of wherever we go, even if it's to Starbucks for a cup of coffee: Post-College Life And Workisms
  9. Pornographic pictures are always funny when they're deliberately put as a wallpaper on someone's computer at home…and school: The Land Before Instant Porn Load Times
  10. You're drunk in about 95% of your pictures on Facebook: Facebook Pictures: The Height of Voyeurism
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