Malls Jokes

Top 10 funny things about malls:

  1. Whether it's a customer or a store employee, at least one person will piss you off every time you go to the mall: Poorly Timed Topical Jokes about Christmas Shopping and New Year's Eve
  2. Outdoor malls are probably one of the coolest inventions in the world: The Least Refreshing Cool Breeze Ever
  3. The biggest crowd you'll ever see at one is when Santa Claus is there: Putting the X in Xmas
  4. They always play the corniest Christmas music: All Twelve Days of Christmas Explained
  5. The food courts are probably one of the most diverse places a person can step into…because of the food of course: “I Think We Should Just be Friends”
  6. Unless they have a kickass waterfall, they all look similar: Road Trips, Part II
  7. They're the official hangout for Eminem wannabes: Say a Prayer for the Youth of America
  8. If you're not a romantic, they're the perfect place to take someone on a date because the movie theatre is RIGHT THERE INSIDE!: Thankful Questions
  9. Even though it was a popular thing to do in the 90s', no one really hangs out at them anymore: Summer Road Trips
  10. Even if you're just going to the mall to buy someone a gift, you'll wind up buying something for yourself anyway: ‘Tis Better to Receive