Cell Phones Jokes

Top 10 funny things about cell phones:

  1. If you thought popularity didn't exist in college then you're wrong, because every student thinks they have the ULTIMATE cell phone: Cellular Deficiency
  2. They make a great high-tech mixed drink stirrer: Top 10 Dorm Room Mixed Drink Stirrers
  3. Combined with Asians and cars, they can create the ultimate killing machine: Cell Phones Challenge Asian Females for Accident Risk
  4. People don't pick up other people using a cell phone so instead it's become the quickest way to end a relationship: How to Call a Girl
  5. If you don't pay your bill after six months, cell phone companies have the power to turn you into a front-page news story: Exploding Cell Phones to Users: “You're Blowing Up, Dude”
  6. Due to the number of accidents they've caused, they have become more important than driving safely and watching the road: Stop Sneezing: A Deadly New Research Study
  7. Like alcohol, you have an ongoing love-hate relationship with them: Cell Phones: The Gift and the Curse
  8. They can be so personal to you that sometimes when you're not carrying it around, you feel naked: The Beginner's Guide to Jail
  9. You can leave annoying voicemail messages, like pretending that you actually just picked up the cell phone and then noting ten seconds later that you're not home: The Hierachy of Communication
  10. When someone's cell phone goes off in a crowded environment, life turns into a game of “Where's Waldo?”: Printer Assholes, Cell Phones and Medicinal Alcohol

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