Cartoons Jokes

Top 10 funny things about cartoons:

  1. Your favorite character is probably gay: Top 5 Cartoon Characters Who Might Be Gay
  2. The black and white versions before we were born must have sucked ass: No Recess, Chapter 1
  3. As adults, we've all discussed how hot some characters are, but some of the videos people make are just weird: Halloween Headache
  4. They made turtles and pizza extremely popular: I Love the 90's
  5. For some reason, the female characters make excellent slutty Halloween costumes: KC's Nupts
  6. 90% of female cartoon characters are hotter than most girls you know: They Call Her Snow White Because She's a Coke Slut
  7. The funniest shows involve weird characters that are actually realistic things, like sponges: Right-Wing Squarepants
  8. The cartoon characters that represent countries are pretty damn gay: Putting a Face with a Country
  9. They're funnier and more exciting than other television shows with real people: Move Over, Chuck Norris
  10. When it comes to pranks, Bugs Bunny had a huge influence on everyone: The Gift of Farting on Command, Part 3