Cars Jokes

Top 10 funny things about cars:

  1. You feel mature, cool, and lost when you drive a vehicle for the first time: Status Symbols: A Crash Course
  2. We've all tried to cram into a taxi with friends after last call just so we don't have to pay for one by ourselves: You Drive Me Crazy
  3. Despite their size when looking at them from far away, people still get hit by them all the time: How to Survive College Without a Helmet
  4. Car hoods are only meant for ornaments and scantily clad women from the 80's: The Making of a Rap Video
  5. When people hear a police car's siren, they don't think, they run: The Off-Campus College House: Episode 3
  6. GPS devices make us feel like super spies tracking our targets: Stop Sneezing: Deadly New Research Study
  7. Everyone won't admit that they drive fast even though their average speed is probably above 100 mph: That's What Sidewalks Are For
  8. If our parents ever get us a car, it's always the crappy one they used to own: Parental Interference and Intervention
  9. Thanks to Gone in Sixty Seconds, stealing one is one of the coolest things to do: Armed Art Thieves Tell Munch's “The Scream” to Shutup
  10. Guys treat them better than their girlfriends: Don't Be THAT GUY

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