Are you longing for sexy good time with hot lady? Are you grow tired of bad rejected because girls no like? Change your life, make full of happy! Learn becoming sex ninja in three easy steps! So simple, even for stupid will learn how to winning! Secret techniques make you like stars from porno! Very excitement forever!

Here's what it do:

1. Every Girl Crazy For Sharp Dress Man

Ninja guy having sex with women
Girl bring YOU roses!
Wear all black. Make look slimming! Hard to see in dark, make sexy in shadows. Sex ninja! You wear mask like Zorro. Zorro very much good with ladies. Mysterious!

2. Follow Hot Girl, Jump Out Of Tree

Trees at night very good for climbing. Sexy girls walk under tree at night while go to drinking bar in slut dress. Slut dress for you! Jump out surprise, shout pick up line. Girl be so happy you jump out of tree to talk to her, make feel special.

3. Smoke Bomb! Run Away!

Girl be so confuse, say "Who was ninja?" Girl not know who ninja is, too stealthy. Write phone number on throwing star, throw at girl. Be sure no hit girl, hit tree instead. Girl fall in love with you, call number for love making. Work every time!

Listen to what other sex ninjas say about technique for to getting woman:

"I was arrested." – Sam G.
"Sam" girl name too! Maybe in girl jail like movies! Very sexy, take lots of shower!

"I can make my penis larger by punching it every day." – Richard M.
I too punch penis every day for size. It work very good!

"I accidentally killed a girl with a throwing star." – Jim O.
Very stealthy! Dead girl okay for sex. Not first choice though.

"Smoke bombs are expensive." – Fred F.
We sell wholesale! Very good cheap, you like!

"Is this a rape technique program? It seems weird." – Maury B.
No, is sex ninja program. Very different. Rapist no have smoke bombs.

"Please stop doing this. I have been accosted by sex ninjas twelve times this week. I've contacted the police." – Janet T.
Another victory for sex ninja! Hot girl for everybody!

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