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By staff writer Nicole McKaig

February 18, 2004


Dear Nicole,

I have this weird thing in between my legs. There is a long appendage and then two kidney-shaped objects in a wrinkled bag below. What is this growth?


Dear Andy,

That sounds serious. Make an appointment with your doctor and have it removed as soon as possible.


A reader shares some…
Fun Fish Facts!

Honestly I have to say that you are truely wise, and give good advice. But you
were wrong on that question about
. If someone were to put a piranha in a bed, it wouldn't scratch a person, it would gnaw bite and chew on them. So declawing a piranha is


Dear Nicole,

I’m 29 years old and still a virgin. Why is this so?

Virgil the Virgin

Dear Virgil,

There are two possible explanations:

1) You became aware of the existence of civilization only recently, when a swarm of callous tabloid reporters staked out your cave dwelling despite the
conscientious protests of a handsome, tousled sociology professor.

2) You wear tapered jeans.



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