I've looked around for something cool to fill out to put in here and just couldn't find anything…so I'm going to make up my own questionaire on music…here it goes.

Feel free to argue with me and/or post your own=)

Top Three “I'm Going to Jizz in your Mouth” Songs
3. The Stroke- Billy Squier
2. When the lights go out- The Black Keys
1. Feed my Frankstein -Alice Cooper

Top Three Songs to play while you fuck

3. Catscratch Fever- Ted Nugent
2. Bulls on Parade- RATM
1. Feel like Makin Love- Bad Company

Top Three Bands to Alter Your State of Being to
2. The Eagles
1. Hall and Oates

Top Three Songs that Contain the Word “Na”
3. Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'- Journey
2. Angels is a Centerfold- J Giels Band
1. Na na na na, hey hey hey- The Temptations

Top Three “I like these songs but really shouldn't tell anybody…” Songs
3. Strawberry wine- Dianna Carter
2. So Fresh and So Clean- Outkast
1. Blinded by the Light- Manfred Man

Top Three Driving Songs
3. Interstate Love Song- STP
2. Runnin' down a dream- Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
1. The Distance- Cake

Top Three “I'm Going to Fuck you UP, Son!” Songs

3. Smells like Teen Spirt- Nirvana
2. Dead and Bloated- STP
1. Killing in the Name of- RATM

Top Three Liberal-bias Songs

3. Colt 45- Afroman
2. Guns- 311
1. Keep on Rockin in the Free World- Neil Young

Top Three Songs to Sleep to

3. Cloud 9- The Distorted Penguins
2. Wild Horses- The Rolling Stones
1. Sleep- The Dandy Warhols

Top Three “My Ex-girlfriend was a cunt” Songs

3. My Girlfriend's Dead- The Vandals
2. Cumbersome- Seven Mary Three
1. What you are- Audioslave

Top Three “I want this to be my intro when I walk into a bar” Songs

3. Rock n' Roll- Led Zep
2. Name of the Game- Crystal Method
1. Sex-type Thing- STP

Top Three Songs with “Night” in the Title
3. Heat of the Night- Bryan Adams
2. I wear my sunglasses at night- Corey Hart
1. Night Train- GNR
Top Three “There's a tear in my beer” Songs
3. Champagne Supernova- Oasis
2. Silver and Cold- AFI
1. Fall to Pieces- Velvet Revolver

Top Three “I'm Drunk as FUCK and I'm CELEBRATING WITH SINGING!” Songs

3. My Own Worst Enemy- LIT
2. Inside Out- Eve 6
1. Highway to Hell- AC/DC

Top Three Most Overrated Songs You Can Think Of

3. Hero- Nickelback
2. Crazy Bitch- Buckcherry
1. Lovefool- The Cardigans

Top Three CDs
3. Audioslave- Audioslave
2. Appetite for Destruction- GNR
1. Core- STP

Top Three Songs You'd Dance to Drunk

3. Everybody have fun tonight- Wang Chung
2. September- Earth, Wind and Fire
1. Get Down Tonight- KC and the Sunshine Band

Top Three Songs that sum up your life

3. Wild-eyed Southern Boys- .38 Special
2. Every day, I write a book- Elvis Costello
1. Tongue tied- Eve 6

Top Three songs you'd want played at your funeral

3. Flirtin with Disaster- Molly Hatchet
2. Last Dance with Mary Jane- Tom Petty
1. Hands- Jewel
1. Stairway- Led Zep

Top Three Cover Songs

3. My ex girlfriend made me go see Train in concert and they actually did a badass version of Aerosmith's “Dream On”
2. Saturday Night's Alright- Nickelback (yeah, I know, I know)
1. Knockin on Heaven's Door- GNR

Top Three Bands You Don't Want To Get Really Popular

3. Silvertide
2. Wilco
1. Powderfinger

Top Three Bands You Liked just a little too Late, making you a poser

3. Atreyu
2. New Found Glory
1. Alkaline Trio

Top Three Bands
3. .38 Special
2. The Black Keys
1. STP

Bottom Three Bands

3. Dave Matthews
2. John Mayer
1. Jack Johnson