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Last night was interesting. While drinking with my roommate, my computer decided to forget where to find my hard drive, thus rendering my laptop utterly useless and presumed broken. So, when I woke up, not only did I have a sleepover (a term I just made up to quickly and accurately describe a hangover whose only symptom is rampant sleepiness), but I was pissed because I knew my computer was broken. I have a paper to write by Wednesday night and some Econ homework due tomorrow, both of which have to be completed either online or with the help of my friendly neighborhood word processor. That, and I have a blog to upkeep.

Well, lo and behold, after I made an appointment at my local Apple Store to have my MacBook Pro looked at, Ol' Lappy decides to sober up and find his keys, and starts working again. I'm keeping my appointment, though, 'cause I just don't trust Lappy. I think he has a drinking problem, and I'm concerned.

The weather here in Raleigh is seasonally cold and, today, misty. The campus is shrouded in an eerie fog, and that makes me really want to go see Stephen King's The Mist, which is getting decent reviews. MGM, this means that I'm not swayed by advertising, but rather moisture fronts. Fire your marketing executives and hire a mad scientist with a weather machine.

This weekend, I'll be traveling to our nation's capitol where my brother, through his awesome job connections, is taking us on a tour of both the East Wing and the West Wing of the White House. In most situations like this, I would think of funny, slightly inappropriate things to do to make my brother laugh and make my parents just a little bit ashamed of me. Everything I can think of, however, has the end result of me being detained as a national security risk.

On a related note, my mother, over the break, told me I should shave my beard since I'm going to the White House. Does this not make sense to anyone else? Why would facial hair be looked down upon in there? Taft was the last President to have facial hair, and I for one think that our next Commander-in-Chief, especially if it's Hillary, should bring back the beard. Or at least ‘stache.

According to MSNBC, northeastern growers are predicting a shortage in this year's supply of Christmas trees. WHO THE HELL LET THIS HAPPEN?

Well, since my last few posts have been way too damn big, I'll end it here with today's booze safari;

1. Link to “Irish” (Republic of Ireland);

2. Link to “Irish Culture”;

3. Link to “Public houses” (pubs);

4. Link to “Alcoholic drinks”.