I've just been really fucking busy.

Aside from trying to salvage a lot of my grades that were (and continue to be) hurt by my quaint little case of alcoholism, I've had a few things that have taken precedent over PICing for the last while or so. Chiefly, last week was NC State's spring break, and even if I had wireless or a laptop at the beach, I wouldn't have been sober enough to see the keys or remember the English language.

I did notice upon my return that since a lot of opinionated peons don't have anything better to do than insult Paul Frank's writings, his blog no longer features comments. I'm not one to preach, and I think I do a pretty good job of not giving a damn about the opinions of others. However, being a fellow PIC writer and having gotten negative feedback on my shit as well, I am going to opine on this a bit.

Just in case you're one of my readers and happen to hate Frank's writing, or not get Frank's writing, or just don't care, then do what you should do with Paul's stuff; skip ahead and find something else to read.

I really don't see what is so damn hard about ignoring something you don't like. Long before Court threw me this blog, I was a PIC reader. I read Gaudio's old stuff and Nate's old stuff and Dan Opp's old stuff and got a kick out of it. I never really liked Roxine Hamm's writing, so guess what? I didn't read her damn blog. It didn't offend me that she was writing, and I didn't take issue with her presence on the site. I just didn't think it was funny. So I read something else.

Frank has got chops. His stuff is a little more “out there” than a lot of other content on PIC, and I can understand if there are some 14-year-olds who would rather read Nate's strip club columns than Frank's Hitler-heavy posts. Great. Nate is funny in his own way, as is Gaudio, and, hell, at least X is trying. Paul's got his own style too, and like Monty Python, not everyone gets it. Nate and I have discussed it before, and we both agree that on humor alone, neither he nor I could beat Frank on our best day when he's on a roll. He's a funny guy when he's in the zone. Lord knows I've posted shit that just plain wasn't funny, but when you're writing with any kind of frequency, there's gonna be some days when you're shit. Like this post, which is more homily than humor.

Like it or not, the young writers like Frank and myself are the future of PIC, and having writers with different styles is one of the great things about this site. Best get used to it.