Dude, I can't stop drinking coke. And not that RC cola shit. Or the diet crap. I’m talking about the real shit. Coca-Cola classic.

My mom says that its giving me bad skin complexion. My sister says I need to cut off my pony tail and stop wearing black all the time. She needs to stop acting like a slut.

I'd be fucking mad chicks right now if I wasn't so busy with school. I'm taking video game design and it rocks. Currently, I'm into playing Halo 2 for Xbox. Although, when playing the game you can totally tell that those nazi developers over at Mircosoft don't even know the fucking difference between the collision theory and 3D geometery. But that's a minor issue.

Yesterday, I played Halo for six hours straight. And I’ve turned into a vampire. Started playing at midnight and finally went to bed around sunrise. This routine has been going on for the past week. Cuz of spring break right now, we have two weeks off from school, and it seems that as each day passes, I go to bed an hour later every night. I like sleeping during the day though. It means I get to spend less time getting bugged by everyone. Including my sister, for the usual ride to her friends or picking her up at the fucking movie theatre. Plus I don't get to deal with the stupidity of the general public. People are so annoying in general.

The only one thing annoying me right now, is when I'm playing halo over the web and I got my headset on. Listening to all those 12 year old little shits and how they lip everyone when they get a kill. Their voices all sound the same – they all sound like chicks. I swear if I saw them in real life they wouldn't be so lippy after I’d beat the shit out of them. They feel so safe playing in their bedroom, I can see them sitting on their ALF bedsheets, underneath a Ken Griffey Jr. baseball poster. The only reason they even probably know about Ken Griffey Jr is because their dad is probably some hardcore fucking loser fan.

I just finished my third can of coke in the last hour. I'm a tad hyper. One time in highschool, I was over at a buddy's house, hanging with a few friends in the basement. We were playing GoldenEye for the N64 system. Besides some rendering issues, killer game. Anyways, my one best buddy Todd, after drinking a can of coke, starts jogging around the basement. He was doing laps for a good thirty minutes. At the time, my buddies and I were thinking “what the fuck is he doing?” and just ignored him. But now I realize it was the coke. He just had to burn off some energy.

Todd self-diagnosed himself as having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. I believe him. I notice now he gets hyper all the time. I tell him to go to the doctor to get that checked out, but he refuses to go. He says he doesn't trust them. Todd's handle in Halo is SeXXXaddict12. I wish he'd fucking change it. He keeps talking about all these chicks he's banging, but I've never seen them. I do know he isn't a virgin. In highschool, he banged this chick named Donna. Todd told me the first and only time they screwed was in a park. But he was only in her for about thirty seconds, as she got suddenly uncomfortable and stopped him. Couple days later, he got a phone call from Donna's mother polietly telling Todd that Donna is too young for sex and that he can't see her anymore. Afterwards, Todd went around telling people it was because his dick was too big.

Todd and I are hanging out tonight. He's bringing over his xbox system and we're linking up. I gotta head over to the convience store now and buy some more coke.