Recently, my baby-faced Asian pal, KC "Krazy Casey" Freeman wrote his always entertaining series of questions. It's titled Just Curious. You should totally read it and answer his questions.

Anyway, one of them was "what's the stupidest thing you've ever gambled on?" The answer, undoubtedly, is the insipid-yet-fascinating game some of my chums (that's British for  small fish) and I were wont to play during those inevitable schoolday lulls.

We would find a large school, pick a female sports team, and throw in a buck or two. Most of the schools have rosters listed, and each name has a link to a picture of the athlete named. The game, simply, is to pick the hottest girl based solely on her name. The winner would take the entire pot, and the game would start over. 

I suppose it's of note that I went to an all-boys school, so what else would we have spent our time doing? Anyway, the arguments about who should win were suprisingly rare, and I now solid experience should I ever have to look through a phone book for random sex.

Play with yourself at home! As an example, here's U of T Volleyball.

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